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Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer party game with up to 60 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!

4.5 (1420)
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Aug 20, 2020
Mediatonic, Devolver Digital
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout brings together a bunch of competitors in a mad shot in one round until one winner is left! Fight strange odds, advance your way through uncontrollable competitors and overcome the growing laws of physics when you stumble upon greatness. Leave your reputation at the door and prepare for a funny failure in search of the crown!

  • Massive Online Pandemonium: Immerse yourself in a series of online ridiculous challenges and wild obstacle courses with fellow participants hoping to advance to the next round of cuts and mayhem
  • Competitive & Cooperative: The switch between competitive and collaborative challenges that eliminate the losing team!
  • Comically Physical: Turn your competitors over, bounce, and head for joyful, physics-based failure!
  • Delightfully Customizable: From the fashionable Pineapple Kochhar, with the help of which you can customize your look in Fall Guys, to Benny Hats.

Massively multiplayer party game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a Battle Royale in which you play against 59 other players in the final match. In pre-final events, players have their own way of taking out. Obstacles to the progression of the game, from dodging the giant ball to flying fruit, increase. Eventually, you'll be competing against a single soccer ball in the net or before the team finishes most of their tails.

A new take on battle royale games

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is different from other Battle Royale games like Fortnight, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty, Warzone. It is inspired by game shows like Takeshi Castle and Total Wipeout, where players try to complete the obstacle course quickly. A round is inspired by the knock-knock game of Takeshi Castle. Here you need to go to the platform that corresponds to the fruits displayed on your screen.

Five rounds of the course should be completed. These include balancing on the wash, kicking a human-sized soccer ball in the field, and so on. Fall players need more than speed to play. It takes strategy, time, and creativity. Without this, you can fail or be destroyed and die in very basic tasks. Unless you master the game, participating in the hours provides hours of fun and excitement as you try your best to complete the round.

You can make the experience more fun by customizing your own fall cow. Bean-shaped characters come in a variety of outfits and skin tones, including a hot dog or chicken-shaped mascot suit. Personalizing your avatar will not affect the performance of the game, but it will allow you to cheer yourself up and stand out from the leaderboards in the game. Let us know what world of beans you are from or different platforms.

Bumble game for all gamers

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fun and rhythmic but challenging game for all ages and users. The pair of adorable and vivid graphics with extreme challenges is enjoyable for all players. Whether you have completed the game or not, its fast-paced game makes it reusable and accessible to new players. Thanks to its cross-platform compatibility, you can connect with famous people and players from around the world.

Basically a game show

The order of wickets of Wicketout, Ninja Warrior and Takeshi Castle (extreme extinction challenge in the US) is exactly the basis of Gu Guys. You and the other 59 players compete against each other in a series of events, such as: for example, pass an obstacle course, roll a huge ball and play tag by holding the tails of the raccoon against each other. Each round, multiple players are eliminated until only one winner remains in the final round.

Gir guys spice up the aesthetics of a television game show with bright, colorful characters with bright, colorful courses while playing playful music. Inter-round interviews ask players' characters to get out of a particular place and fall off the screen, while the big lessons reveal how many people have been removed and how many are left. System messages also look like broadcast chyrons and appear in style boxes that slide out like a question by identifying different players in a screen show.

Choose your look

However, the characters that can be played are a little different than those who attend normal game shows. Instead of real people, the characters in Fall Guys just look like big greasy bears with big eyes, hands, and feet. This stylized, caricature character design allows for extensive customization with many patterns and color palettes for Jelly Bean for Dies. Fill the inventory with additional costume elements (like a hotline Miami jacket with its own chicken head) such as dinosaur heads, milkshake tops, and game-based clothing. When 60 players gather in their own colorful outfits at the start of the first round, it looks like an army of amazing game show players dressed in crazy foam rubber outfits.

Fall Guys lineup

Although initially not expected to bring its ideal organization together. Patterns, color palettes, and costume elements are unalterable cable items that you receive while playing. In typical Battle Tall Roy fashion, you get experience points that you can use to organize a season and acquire a new item or more resources with each item. You'll also win in-game currency kudos, which you can spend with a small rotating selection on other in-store costume items in the game. If you win the game, you'll also get a Gold Crown for buying more exclusive cosmetic options like the above publisher-themed costumes, which are still a limited currency.

The better you do in the game the more experience and credit you deserve. When you complete the first round, you should only be helpful one at a time. If you win the game you can get over a thousand. And if you win many rounds but can't win the game (mostly scenario) you get a hundred. This is a rewarding format that offers pagan rewards even if you perform well, even if you can't win the whole game, but just give inexperienced rewards and otherwise don't accept your progress unless you're number one like most. Different Battle Royale game.

Round and Round

Each game is divided into rounds, each with a randomly selected event with about two dozen choices. Events such as Hit Parade, Daisy Heights and Wirlig are obstacle courses where you walk from start to finish, avoid moving things and try not to knock on platforms (these events usually involve going to a backyard post, though In climbing, falling into the climbing class (mud is a quick distance). In these cases, each player has a rush to get to the end. After a certain number of players (depending on the number of goals scored and the number of starting players) have crossed the finish line, all the rest are eliminated.

Fall Guys race

Events like block parties, perfect matches and jump clubs take place in a limited space and you will be asked to slide, knock or just fall into the mud between the end players. The blockchain party sends blocks that slide onto the platforms through which you move them. The perfect match shows different fruits on a grid of 16 platforms, then shows you one fruit and forces you to get to the right stage before the other disappears. The Jump Club has two large, rotating weapons that revolve around a circular platform. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Events like Team Tail Tag, Fall Ball, and Egg Scrabble you find in a team with other players and challenge other teams to catch a big ball in a big ball swing like catching a North American raccoon tail in a timely manner. The egg runs out first in the corner of its field. The team with the lowest score is eliminated when other teams advance.

Most games last four or five rounds, depending on how many players play in the third round. The last round is always one of the few events (Hexagon, Tail Day, Fall Mountain, and Jump Show-Down) with only one winner at the end.

A perfect game that lasts more than 20 minutes takes a while. It ends at a fast pace, on an addictive loop where the loss pulls you back immediately, and it doesn't take long to win that you stop playing more. It’s a good, chubby rhythm that keeps the game going and keeps players busy. This war fits into the imperial constitution.

Easy to move

Control is the same regardless of the event. The left analog stick moves your character, the right analog stick controls the camera, a face button jumps, the face button jumps forward and the right trigger catches the next player or object. Running and jumping can achieve almost anything; To pick up an egg, it is necessary to hold it while playing the label in the tailor shaking the egg. You can also grab the edge of the platform and slowly pull yourself up. However, this step is very inconsistent, especially when the platform is rotating. It has simple controls that are easy to learn for any event.

Because the action is so simple, so fast and so varied, it feels so enjoyable and accessible. You can jump, play some games and jump how you feel, and the progressive call calls for each round of the game also make close calls and justify nearby damage.

Always Online

Fall Guys, like other Battle Royale games, compete against each other on dozens of players to compete against each other. Luckily, it was so popular at launch that the server was struggling to put up and was overloaded. This is a short-term disappointment as Mediatonic increases server capacity and corrects network problems. However, this is a good sign of a game that depends on the community to act.

You can form a team with your three friends in the game, but this does not make the game cooperative. It is still owned by every jelly bean person, but at least you can stay together in competitions instead of being scattered around various games on the internet.

Window shopping

If you don’t want to grind the game to earn it, Fall Guys has a micro journal with the option to buy kudos. You can also buy a DLC costume pack, which also includes a Kudos pack (starting at 99 4.99, up to 12,500, which is enough for many unusual costume pieces or about two rare costume pieces). As long as you keep playing, you shouldn’t over-praise.

However, if you really want to get dressed for the current circulation in the in-game store and you don’t have nearly enough notoriety for it, microtransactions are the go-to. However, it is a shame to see microtransactions in retail gaming in general, even though this fight has become the norm for the Royals. Fortnite or Apex Legends do not have a seasonal battle pass system.

Simple gameplay

I've played the Steam version of Fall Guys, which requires at least an Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent GPU, and at least 8GB of RAM. The game runs on My Powerspec 1510, a gaming laptop with an Intel Core i7 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 1070 GPU, and 16GB RAM. At 1,020 to 1,080 resolution, the Fall Guys had no problem running at 75 frames per second. As a Steam game, Fall Guys supports more than 30 Steam Achievements. It also offers full game controller support.

Step Up to Fall

Fall Guys is unique in Battle Royale games, with friendly, nonviolent design and addictive gameplay loops that feel more like a pub with a Tetris 99 at home. Like all Royal Games, it is based on a healthy community online to play at specific times. However, its early popularity is a promising sign for long-term players. This is Fight Royale's fun, friendly game show that is safe for children without violence. It deserves the choice of our editors.


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

OS: Windows 10 64bit only

Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Storage: 2 GB available space

Additional Notes: Gamepad Recommended

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